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I bring through guidance and healing to empower you to embrace your soul power to create the life you dream of, which is full of bliss, love, happiness and joy. This is when the new compassionate earth will thrive.

These are the ways in which I can help:

In service, Alexa Marie


Channeled Guidance to Release Attachment to Suffering

Receive channeled guidance and healing from Ascended Masters like Green Tara, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Jeshua, Quan Yin and Ganesha to guide and empower you on your spiritual path and specifically towards the liberation from suffering.

You get: Written guidance + a recorded meditation.


Green Tara Meditation Series

A three step journey with channeled meditations and energy work with Green Tara and the Dakini angels, to empower you to release your attachment to suffering and embody your sovereignty and divine truth.

Green Tara gently but clearly guides you to release addiction to suffering which is a key human aspect that holds us back in allowing abundance of health, joy, harmony, balance, money and success.


Liberation From Suffering 3 month Mentorship program

Uncover the illusion and suffering in your life so that you can let it go.

Through my loving guidance, channeled transmissions and healing, and heart to heart reflections, you are empowered to take back the power to create the experience of ecstatic joy and the life that you most desire. Now is the time!


Myriad Healing 1:1 Session

Receive channeled guidance and healing from the Myriads to support you to release addiction to suffering and move into and embody Unity Consciousness and access more of the infinite power of your heart.


Into Your Soul Circle

In-person group gatherings in Sweden, Infinite Yoga Malmö 7, 14, 21 Nov.

A meditation and healing circle nurturing the Divine Feminine rising within you (sisters and brothers welcome).

Channeled guidance from Ascended Masters assist you to let go of the suffering of the thinking mind and connect deeper with your heart and soul. This empowers you to create more joy, peace, harmony and balance in your life following your inner guidance.

Healing from the Myriads connects you to your Soul and the innate power that you are.


Cosmic Love Healing Meditations

FREE guided meditations, ~one new each week.

Channeled healing meditations for expansion and empowerment, with Alexa, Jeremiah and the Myriads.